The daughter of Zeus and second-in-command of the cabin. She is 16 years

old and was born on December 13, 1997. Her mom is a doctor and travels a lot and is barely ever at home, so Selena often stays in camp alot. She does go home to see her mother every now and then though.


Selena is brave and loyal with a temper like her fathers. She doesn't give up on her friends and shows excelent leadership qualities. She has a led a couple quests before, and her best friends are Pelagia from the Poseidon Cabin and Letha from the Hades Cabin.


She has long reddish-brown hair and electric blue eyes. She wore braces when she was younger and now her teeth are striaght and white. She has a meduim slight tanish skin. She is tall, about 5'10 and wears blue alot.