Welcome to the Camp Halfblood Demigod Roleplay WikiEdit

You can create your own demigod. That demigod can be the child of an Olympian, or a minor god.

Godly ParentEdit

You may belong to any one of these cabins:

Cabin One: Zeus

Cabin Two: Hera

Cabin Three: Poseidon

Cabin Four: Demeter

Cabin Five: Ares

Cabin Six: Athena

Cabin Seven: Apollo

Cabin Eight: Artemis

Cabin Nine: Heapeastus

Cabin Ten: Aphrodite

Cabin Eleven: Hermes

Cabin Tweleve: Dionysus

Cabin Thirteen: Hades

Cabin Fourteen: Iris

Cabin Fifteen: Hypnos

Cabin Sixteen: Nemesis

Cabin Seventeen: Nike

Cabin Eighteen: Hebe

Cabin Nineteen: Tyche

Cabin Twenty: Hecate

Cabin Twenty-One: Nyx

Cabin Twenty-Two: Thanatos

Cabin Twenty-Three: Morpheus

Cabin Twenty-Four: Janus

Cabin Twenty-Five: Hestia

Cabin Twenty-Six: Persephone

Cabin Twenty-Seven: Eros

Cabin Twenty-Eight: Demios

Cabin Twenty-Nine- Phobos

Cabin Thirty: Triton

Cabin Thirty-One: Ariadne

Cabin Thirty-Two: Apmhitrite

Latest activityEdit

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