Zeus' Cabin

Zeus's Cabin

Zeus's cabin looks like an white marble box, with heavy, white columns in the front. This cabin is the biggest and bulkiest of all the cabins. It has polished bronze doors that shimmer like a hologram, and have lightning bolts streaked down them. The dome-shaped ceiling is decorated with moving mosaics of a cloudy sky and thunder bolts. It also thunders all the time. The cabin has alcoves with golden eagle statues and one intimidating statue of Zeus in the middle.

Power's of Zeus's Children:Edit

Children of Zeus are extremely powerful half-bloods due to their father being one of the Big Three.

Aerokinesis- Children of Zeus can control wind and the air.

Atmokinesis- They can control the weather.

Electrokinesis- Some or all demigods of Zeus can control and create electricity.

Enhanced Leadership Quality - Children of Zeus feel that they should be the leader of whatever group they are in, as their father is king of Olympus. They are also all naturally good leaders and tend to assume leadership in groups.

Zeus Children:Edit



Selena Alexanders

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