Anthea Nightsea

Anthea is 16 years old and was born July 16, 1997 and was raised by two men. When she reached the age of 7, one was possessed and killed the other. Her biological father was the one that was killed, and the other was sent to jail. Chiron had made arragements for someone to go and retrieve her and bring her back to camp.


Anthea is nice, but she's very opinionated and will speak her mind, but she will be considerate about it. She looks after her siblings, and makes sure that they are alright. She has a few close friends, much not much, Cabins 1,3,6,9 and 10 normally strays away from Cabin 2.


Anthea has long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears green and blue braces on her teeth. She has a slight oliver undertone. She is about 5'7 and wears mostly jeans and peacock shirts.